Monday, December 21, 2020

What's New — Updated UI, all new Website Plans, and Music Room got it's first ever major update

Today, BLOOEYEDBOY introduces Version 2.0 of the BLOOEYEDBOY Website. This update introduces our updated UI, which has been simplified and uniformed crossed the entire site. Version 2.0, updates our header system and now offers a less invasive fixed header on each page, as well as a 'Back' button on each page for simplified navigation.

All-new Website Plans.

All-new Website Plans

We've restructured our Website Plans into two simple choices — Webflow-based and Shopify-based. The options are broken down further into individual plans to suit the needs of every business/individual. Our new Website Plans will be available from 02 December 2021.

Webflow-based Plans are intended for any type of business that does not require e-commerce capabilities. Webflow¹ is the worlds leading Website Design and Management Tool, and caters for major companies such as Dell®, Zendesk® and more.

Shopify-based Plans are intended for businesses that sell goods/services online that require e-commerce capabilities. Shopify¹ is the best E-commerce software system in the world, and powers the world most well known stores, such as Kylie Cosmetics®, and Lindt®.

Redesigned Music Room.

Redesigned Music Room

We've redesigned Music Room to create a modern, simplistic design and enhanced user friendliness. Since Music Room is updated regularly we have restructured our "Artist of the Week" system, and integrated it with Apple Music² into the form of a playlist that users of Apple Music² can add to their library, and will automatically be updated weekly.

We're carrying this system into more sections and the first will be "Best of the Week" which will be available on 26 December, and in the last week of 2020, we will be releasing a limited playlist "Best of the Year".

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