Monday, October 19, 2020

Matthew Norris reignites his cancer initiative — for Cancer Awareness Month

Today, Matthew Norris reintroduces his cancer orientated support and donation initiative of which he introduced in 2019, under the management of his flagship brand — BLOOEYEDBOY. Previously, visitors of BLOOEYEDBOY were only able to donate to the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA). Today we are excited to announce that now visitors of Matthew Norris Official will be able to; Learn about current initiatives; Learn about different cancers; Donate to CANSA; Access a list of cancer specific charities; and create their own website to further their reach of cancer support.

Matthew Norris Official is not affiliated with CANSA. All rights reserved.

"During the week of 19-24 October — my birthday week — I will be releasing new and exciting improvements and updates to Matthew Norris Official, starting with my cancer initiative which holds a special place in my heart" — Matthew Norris

Visit our Cancer Awareness page

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