Getting started


Looking to get started, but aren't sure how?

We're here to help every step of the way. Here's a detailed guide.
Step 1

Understand the difference between our two Website Plans.

We offer two simple plans. Webflow-based, which is great for businesses and individuals alike who aim at getting online. As well as Shopify-based, which reaps the benefits of world-class e-commerce software provider — Shopify — plus the best-in-class management of BLOOEYEDBOY.

Step 2

Choose a plan and click Get started.

Once you have evaluated and decided upon a plan, head over to our plan page and select 'Get started' under the package of your preference.

Visit our Webflow-based Plan page ›

Visit our Shopify-based Plan page ›

Step 3

Once we recieve your request we'll contact you.

Once you have clicked 'Get started' an email prompt will appear with intructions that state to click 'Send'. Once we have received your email query, we will contact you via the email used.

Step 4

We will then converse over website needs and requirements.

For us, communication is imperative to great design and quality workflows. We believe it's important to fully understand our customers needs and wants, and to fully understand their expectations and wishes. To ensure this, we may ask many questions and expect a clear and open relationship.

Step 5

We will send through our draft design.

Much like great design, Rome wasn't built in a day, so don't expect your new website to be. It may take various design drafts till we get the one you love most.

Step 6

Add the finishing touches to the final design.

Once you've approved our draft design and it meets your standard and expectations, we will finalise the design by adding 'Hosting' and a custom domain of your choice. Plus 'Payment Methods' if you have chosen our Shopify-based Plan.

Step 7


In order for your new site to go live, our once-off design cost, hosting cost, and custom domain cost has to be paid.

Additional Terms and Conditions may apply, but will be contacted to you via email closer to the time.


Still not sure?

No worries! Just contact us and we'll help you anyway we can.

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