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We are so excited to have launched! And we know that you want our products 🛍⁣

Winner will get our entire Winter Bundle! 💥 ⁣
That all of our items, and a massive discount next time you shop! ⭐️⁣

If you want to enter the giveaway then head to our Instagram profile find the "Giveaway" post and follow the following rules 

Ready for the rules? Here they are: ⁣
1. Follow us @blooeyedboy
2. Tag 3 of your friends in the comments of the post⁣
3. Repost and tag us on your Instagram story⁣

That’s it! The winner will be contacted via dm on Instagram. 😁⁣
Please note: this is only valid for South African customers and on Instagram only 🇿🇦