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What does the Amazon have to do with us?

The Amazon Rainforest has been under fire since the beginning of 2019, and still remains burning. According to credible sources, +/- 120000 fires have been identified at the middle of 2019. Allegations are being made that the cause of these wildfires is deforestation, the waste remains of trees sparked the start of the wildfires in different parts of the amazon, fires are also deliberately started to illegally clear areas for the breeding of cattle. Cattle ranching has been identified as 80% of the Amazons deforestation causes. 906,000 hectares (2,240,000 acres) was the total surface area of burnt areas in November 2019. 


However, some of us keep wondering, “What does the Amazon have to do with us?”. 


The Amazon Rainforest in located in Brazil, South America. It produces more than 20% of the worlds oxygen. The Amazon houses more than half the worlds plant-life, animal species and insects. Not to mention that the Amazon Basin holds +/- one-fifth of the planets fresh water. These are only a few examples of how important the Amazon is to our environment and— world.


So what would we do without the Amazon? Firstly, the Amazon houses plants species that we have not discovered yet and may be cures to some of our deadliest diseases, scientists say that we haven’t even studied more than 5% of the plants potential benefits. Secondly, for all the oxygen created, there is also carbon dioxide that needs to be restored, the Amazon stores more than 86 billion tons of the carbon created that would otherwise be damaging our planet. Finally, the Amazon is the home of more than half of our animal species, wiping out their habitat would result in thousands of animals facing extinction, affecting the food chain and the natural balance of nature. 


Basically, we need the Amazon for:

  • Our oxygen.
  • A home for our animals, plants and insects. 
  • Keep our fresh water— fresh.
  • Research for health benefits of Amazon’s plants. 
  • Carbon dioxide filtering system. 
  • Keeping our animals safe. 


What can you do to help?

  • Reduce your wood and paper use. 
  • Watch your diet. No beef.
  • Know the fundamentals. 
  • Donate with BLOOEYEDBOY+