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Australia Needs Us To Unite

BREAKING: Australia Needs Us To Come Together. 

The Australian Wild Bushfires have been causing utter detriment since September 2019. An estimated more than half a BILLION (500,000,000 million) animals have been lost. Celebrities from across the world (such as Selena Gomes, donating a generous $5,000,000 to fire relief) have chosen The AUS Red Cross as their donation portal. 

These fires have scorched the land for more than 27,000 square kilometres (12,000 square miles), leaving nothing but ash and ruined habitats. 

Experts say that the Australian Koala population is large enough to withstand the bushfires but other animals may not be so lucky. Thousands of brave Australians have rescued and are protecting animals of all species from the roaring fires while fleeing their home. 

By donating to the The Australian Red Cross you are actively helping the lives of Australian people and animals who have suffered.

Please read the card below to see how the AUS Red Cross uses their donations.