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Learn all about Matthew Norris.


Matthew started his entrepreneurial career in early 2019, with the reveal of his own clothing brand named BLOOEYEDBOY. In February 2019, Matthew announced the brand, and in late June, went on to launch his first ever collection Fall and Winter 2019 (FW2019). In January 2020, brand owner Matthew went on to introduce a new division of BLOOEYEDBOY called BLOOEYEDBOY+ (BLOOEYEDBOY Plus), with the aim and focus of providing necessary information and tools to tackle and help fight major world issues. In April 2020, Matthew announced and introduced a follow up collection of his previous collection, named Fall and Winter 2020. The BLOOEYEDBOY FW2020 launch successfully sold out within just 3 days of launch, and surpassed FW2019 sales charts. Later in July 2020, Matthew announced he will be closing down BLOOEYEDBOY in early August due to personal reasons and lack of time to manage the brand efficiently. In late July, BLOOEYEDBOY dropped their "Final Collection", which concluded the life cycle of BLOOEYEDBOY as well as BLOOEYEDBOY+. On August 1st, BLOOEYEDBOY Apparel and BLOOEYEDBOY+ officially closed down.

On August 12, Matthew revealed his new personal website, which showcases all his works and service information. Current graphic designer, and website designer and developer is currently freelancing alongside being a student and his other projects. Matthew has hinted at a few new projects that are currently underway, however nothing has yet been confirmed.

On October 3, Matthew Norris shared his second and largest project from his Website Design and Development business. Former CEO of BLOOEYEDBOY, designed and currently manages the official website for up-and-coming singer/songwriter sensation Joda Kgosi.

On January 10, BLOOEYEDBOY announced they are no longer managing The Journey and Joda Kgosi' official website. No reason has been given for this abrupt change.


Where is Matthew Norris from?


Matthew Norris was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa.

How old is Matthew Norris?


Matthew was born on 24 October 2003. He is 17 years old (Oct. 2020).

Who is Matthew Norris?


Matthew Norris is a 17 year old student, ex CEO, and freelancer web designer and developer. Matthew Norris launched and managed his own clothing brand, called BLOOEYEDBOY, in early 2019. He went on to successfully launch 3 collections and sell out. He closed down BLOOEYEDBOY in August 2020.

Matthew is currently working on something new that will be coming soon.

What is Matthew Norris known for?


Matthew Norris is most commonly known for being the CEO of BLOOEYEDBOY.

Is BLOOEYEDBOY still available?


Currently BLOOEYEDBOY is closed down and is not available to the general public. BLOOEYEDBOY closed down on 1 August 2020.