Our store is currently closed due to COVID–19. We will be back shortly. In the meantime, take a look at BLOOEYEDBOY+.

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The Coronavirus has affected everyones lives. Let's end it together, bu staying apart. We can end COVID–19 if we stay indoors and stay safe. We hope everyone is safe and wish you good health during these challenging times. 

Social Distancing is important.

Staying inside and maintaining a 6-foot distance away from everyone is extremely important during these times. Do something amazing – just make sure it's indoors – like BLOOEYEDBOY+. 

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Self-screen now with Apple.

Apple, along with the CDC; The White House; and FEMA, have developed a self-screening tool for individuals to see what they should do regarding COVID–19. We recommend you self-screen just to be safe. 

Self-screen now

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Please note: The Nationwide Lockdown mentioned is only intended for South African interest. BLOOEYEDBOY is an apparel brand and therefore not listed as an essential service. The lockdown will be effective from Midnight, March 26th until Midnight, April 20th. 

Transparency Disclaimer: All tertiary media/ logos used on this webpage; including The 'World Health Organization' logo and media from 'Apple, Inc.' regarding their new screening tool may be trademarked and are not owned by BLOOEYEDBOY or BLOOEYEDBOY+ and are used solely for distribution purposes during the outbreak of 'COVID–19' 

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